The latest development in material characterization and polymer processing
rs5000 Series drives and rheometers are the perfect choice for laboratory scale
polymer studies using a wide range of industry standard mixers and extruders.

The rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station is an affordable drive system designed for sample prep using either mixers or single and twin screw extruders. Systems are configured with:
• 3 zones of temperature
  control (up to 6 available)
• 1 melt temperature readout
  (up to 2 available)
• 1 RPM readout (additional
  Auxiliary drive readout available)
• Accommodation for up to 2 melt   pressure indicators
• Motor Torque indicator

System Architecture
The rs5000-S1 system is designed to provide a familiar HMI for users accustomed to working with the expansive installed base of pilot plant mixing and extrusion systems.

Torque measurement

This signal is generated directly from the motor drive (as opposed to a load cell). Combined with the features of the Eurotherm 32h8i indicator (tare & scaling) an excellent indication of energy generated by the process can be monitored.

The rs5000-S2 Polymer Study Station is a mid-range drive with the added capability of Modbus communication and the Insight data acquisition system. All data from your test runs are recorded at a rate of 1/sec and stored for later recall using the built in data review package.
When equipped with an in-line, direct measurement torque load cell, the rs5000-S2 becomes a versatile and affordable torque rheometer solution.

System Architecture
The rs5000-S2 system design incorporates the same HMI as the rs5000-S1 with the addition of Modbus communication cards in each controller and readout. This added capability opens up the possibility of enhancing the system with the Insight data acquisition system.
Run times of up to 8hrs can be monitored and recorded

Torque measurement
The rs5000-S2 system can accommodate either the Drive Torque measuring system provided with rs5000-s1 drives or enhanced with an in-line, direct measurement torque load cell. This added capability provides torque measurement equal to or exceeding that of the highest priced rheometers on the market

The rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer is a fully equipped, computer controlled Polymer Study Station. All control functions of the rheometer are achieved via the System 5 PC based control/data acquisition system.
System 5 provides you
with a clear real-time process view of your test run while logging
data from all process variables at a rate of once per second.

System Architecture

The rs5000-S5 system design incorporates state of the art, industry standard input/output hardware from Allen-Bradley. This eliminates the extended down time associated with single source, proprietary hardware. It provides high speed/high resolution data and enhanced safety features.

IsoThermal Torque Rheometry
The rs5000-S5 has the added capability of performing IsoThermal tests, enabling Torque Rheometer studies in the fields of polymer degradation kinetics, chemical cross linking, grafting, etc. with the optimum melt temperature
consistently maintained throughout the run.


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