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r.e. Series Single Screw Extruders

re125 3/4" Single Screw Extruder

When coupled with the rs5000 Series precision Drives and Torque Rheometers., R.S.I's new line of extruders can be a valuable tool for:

R.S.I's family of 3/4" Extruders are available in several L/D Ratios. Made from durable nitrided 416 stainless steel the new r.e. Series of extruders come standard with:

18mm Twin Screw Extruder

The 18mm Twin Screw Extruder available from RSI is specially designed as an attachment for the rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer and is ideal for laboratory compounding of thermoplastic materials offering a flexible design for new products. The 18mm diameter screws have a 3.5mm flight depth and are assembled of high torque splined shafts. This allows for the screw profile to be altered at any time. The segmented barrel allows the user to change L/D ratio as desired. The material is metered into the twin screw via a volumetric, loss and weight or liquid feeder system. A full line of downstream ancillary equipment is available to provide the customer with a turnkey universal compounding extrusion line.

18mm Twin Screw Extruder


  • Co-rotation with up to 1500 RPM screw speed
  • Segmented barrels and screws
  • Quick change, flangeless barrels with tie rod assembly
  • Electric cartridge heaters for barrel heating
  • Internal bored for barrel air cooling
  • Mounted on mobile cart for easy connection/disconnection and storage
  • Results scalable to production class machinery

18mm Twin Screw Extruder Full


  • Various L/D ratios up to 40:1
  • Side stuffers available for downstream feeding
  • Liquid injection ports
  • Solids and liquid feeder systems
  • Compatible with all RSI dies and downstream systems