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TECHMIX 6 Lab Mixer

New from RSI, the TECHMIX 6 is an internal batch mixer used for a wide range of testing application; particularly thermoplastics, elastomers, ceramics and pastes. Designed for use with rs5000 Series Drives and Torque Rheometers as well as most competitors' units, the TECHMIX 6 has three individual heating zones with an improved cartridge heater pattern that eliminates temperature variations on the bottom of the bowl.

Download the TECHMIX 6 datasheet



  • Three section mixing chamber with three independent heating zones
  • Stock melt temperature probe in center section
  • Quick loading ram assembly with removable loading chute
  • Center section cooling
  • Industry standard coupling
  • Easily removable/interchangeable rotors
  • Over-torque shear coupling
  • Safety handles
  • 3:2 Gear ratio


  • Improved economical way for removing and replacing bushings. This design allows the user to replace the bushings quickly and easily on their own, eliminating costly repairs and down time.
  • Improved heater cartridge pattern eliminates temperature variances in the bowl chamber.
  • Vertical ram loading chute assembly provides a user friendly method for loading the sample material and minimizing user discrepancy.
  • Easy access gearbox allows user to lubricate gears as needed without the extensive disassembly needed in some competitive designs.
  • Removable rotors slide and lock into a sleeve designed for easy removability. The coupling remains in place during the cleaning process eliminating frustrating alignment issues found on some designs.