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The rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer

rs5000 Series drives and rheometers from Rheometer Services Inc. are the perfect choice for laboratory scale polymer studies using a wide range of industry standard mixers and extruders.

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Choose from 3 drive configurations
rs5000 Series drives are available in 3 configurations designed to meet your budget and needs. All drives are available in 5hp and 7.5hp models and a variety of RPM/Torque ranges to fit your application.

rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station
An economical system designed for sample preparation using either mixers or single and twin screw extruders. Systems are configured with 3 zones of temperature control (up to 6 zones available), 1 melt temperature readout, and motor load readout. Up to 2 melt pressure readouts are optional.


The Insight D/A System

rs5000-S2 D/A Polymer Study Station
The rs5000-S2 Polymer Study Station is a mid-range drive with the added capability of modbus communication and the Insight data acquisition system. All data from your test runs are recorded at a rate of 1/sec and stored for later recall using the built in data review package. When equipped with an in-line, direct measurement torque load cell, the rs5000-S2 becomes a versatile and affordable torque rheometer solution.

rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer
The rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer is a fully equipped, computer controlled Polymer Study Station. Interchangeable, direct in-line torque measurement provides the highest accuracy/resolution available.


System 5 Control D/A System

System 5 control/data acquisition software provides an advanced user interface designed for power and ease of use.
Capabilities include: